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Proton Waja Modified Version - VIP Styled

Once again what we have here is another car owner that chose not to follow the VIP style ‘rules’. A true VIP car, or "bippu" if you are going to pronounce it ala Japanese, more often than not is a JDM sedan, but like I’ve mentioned many a times we Malaysians are a creative lot and bending the rules are not uncommon (in car mods that is!). So, what we have featured here is a VIP Proton Waja. Yes, it just a W.A.J.A!

Why a Waja as a VIP platform one might question? Well, according to the owner, Johnvk, the reasoning is simple; being a true blue Malaysian, it is only proper that the car of choice should be one of our very own national cars and for him personally the Proton Waja fits the bill. As to why he chose a VIP styling theme for his ride? “I just wanted something different that would make me stand out from the crowd and I felt that going for the VIP theme would help me realize this. Most Waja owners would go for the Wajalution looks, but nowadays there is just too many of those plying on our Malaysian roads,” answered Johnvk.

Morphing his ride into what he desired was left in the capable hands of the guys at J-Lux, a renowned VIP styling specialist located in Bandar Sunway. For this styling program, J-Lux had started off with the installation of a bigger lower front lip and rear apron to the original front and rear bumper. Each side of these was then completed with side marker. After these, a pair of simple yet elegant custom designed side skirt were installed, which really complemented the front and rear lips. Other add-ons seen are a ‘duct tail’ spoiler, fender vents, Waja CPS side mirror, Carozcraft sunroof and a must have item in any respectable VIP styled vehicle; chrome Junction Produce mascot on top of the front hood.

Engine Mods & Upgrade Open pod air filter, Arospeed fuel pressure regulator, 5-point grounding wire and custom made oil catch tank
E.C.U Stock
Transmission Automatic, Waja CPS gear lever
Exhaust 4-2-1 manifold, custom muffler
Suspension Tein Superstreet
Brakes Stock
Rims & Tyres 18-inch MAE rims / 215/40R18 Firenza tires
Garage J-Lux, Sunway

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